The Majestic Ostrich: A Comprehensive Guide to Ostrich Bird Taxidermy Mounts


Ostrich taxidermy mounts are a testament to the grandeur of one of the world’s largest and most captivating birds. Known for their towering height, distinctive feathers, and graceful demeanor, ostriches have become a popular choice for taxidermy enthusiasts seeking to capture the essence of these magnificent creatures. This comprehensive guide explores the artistry, techniques, and considerations involved in creating stunning ostrich bird taxidermy mounts.

The Ostrich as a Taxidermy Subject

The ostrich, native to Africa, is renowned for its distinctive features, including long legs, a large body, and prominent feathers. Taxidermists choose ostriches for mounting due to their unique anatomy, making them a challenging yet rewarding subject for the craft.

The Taxidermy Process

a. Preparation: The taxidermy process begins with the careful preparation of the ostrich specimen. Skilled taxidermists meticulously clean, skin, and preserve the hide, ensuring the feathers and overall appearance are maintained.

b. Mounting: Positioning the ostrich in a lifelike pose is crucial for creating an authentic mount. Taxidermists employ forms and armatures to achieve accurate proportions and lifelike poses, capturing the essence of the ostrich’s natural grace.

c. Feather Care: Ostrich feathers are a distinctive feature that requires special attention. Proper grooming and arrangement of the feathers contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the mount. Achieving a natural and flowing arrangement is key to the success of the taxidermy.

Quality Ratings and Considerations

Ostrich taxidermy mounts are often evaluated based on their overall quality. Ratings such as Excellent™, Good™, or Vintage™ reflect the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and condition of the mount. Collectors and enthusiasts may prioritize specific ratings based on their preferences.

Display and Placement

Ostrich bird taxidermy mounts are impressive displays that command attention. Whether showcased in natural history museums, private collections, or as focal points in commercial spaces, the placement of these mounts requires careful consideration of space, lighting, and aesthetic preferences.

Conservation and Ethical Considerations

As with any taxidermy endeavor, ethical considerations and adherence to conservation principles are paramount. Ethical sourcing of ostrich specimens and compliance with wildlife protection laws contribute to sustainable taxidermy practices.

Popular Styles and Designs

Ostrich taxidermy mounts come in various styles, from full-body mounts to shoulder mounts. The choice of style depends on the collector’s preferences, available space, and desired aesthetic.


Ostrich bird taxidermy mounts stand as extraordinary pieces of art, capturing the beauty and majesty of these remarkable creatures. Through skilled craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and ethical practices, taxidermists bring the essence of the ostrich to life, creating stunning displays that celebrate the natural world. Whether for educational purposes, artistic appreciation, or private collections, ostrich taxidermy mounts continue to captivate enthusiasts with their timeless allure.

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