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Explore our diverse collection of taxidermy mounts, showcasing animals from across the globe. Each wildlife mount undergoes a meticulous appraisal by seasoned taxidermists, receiving a rating based on skin or fur condition, horn or antler trophy caliber, and overall artistic value. Our offerings extend beyond big game heads to include animal skins, furs, rugs, fish, and bird taxidermy for sale.

Detailed photos, comprehensive descriptions, and additional species information accompany each item, aiding in your selection process. Whether you’re in search of a Grizzly Bear rug, an exotic antelope mount for your mountain retreat, a majestic Alaskan Bull Moose head to grace your fireplace, or a Zebra rug to complement your trophy room, we have a diverse range to suit your preferences.

For avid trophy collectors, our inventory includes record-book game heads sourced from safaris worldwide. With new additions regularly, we encourage you to check back often for fresh finds. Elevate your space with the timeless beauty and unparalleled craftsmanship of our taxidermy mounts.

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